Philadelphia, has a great demand on rentals and it is growing every year.

We are in the race to find better solutions to provide great accommodations in this city. The wide opportunity in investing on Philly's rental infrastructure development and the re-development of this old city's living spaces to make better homes is our primary focus. Every new investments we make is building strong basement for the real-estate market in Philly.

Our Strategies

Philadelphia rental market is 'hot' with steep increase in rents since 2010.Kongloventures offers Three attractive options to invest in real estate properties in Philadelphia.


Buy a foreclosed property, rehab and flip


Buy MFU at market price and rent it out


Buy MFU at foreclosure, rehab, rent & refinance

Kongloventures creates a trusted platform for investors, manages the deal with full accountability and ensure returns. Every investments with us undergoes thorough analysis and planning under secure channels managed by professionals. We makes the investors life easy and hassle free.

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