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Able Joseph, Founder Aisle

Konglo has been a delight to work with. Vinod was willing to listen and understand the pain points we were facing and provided us with inputs on dealing with them. They came with a wealth of information, the right connects and experience regarding fund raising. This was helpful in seeking the right kind of partners to align ourselves with, which was a blessing at a time of uncertainty. Vinod is responsive and often takes decisions quickly. This is important for under resourced, early stage companies, for whom all matters are time sensitive. Konglo is also well connected with investors from outside India. This can work in one's favor since investors residing in developed countries sometimes share a different world view and are open to non-traditional business models. Overall it was a pleasure working with Konglo and that continues to be the case today.


Gopi Krishna, Founder BuildNext

"When you're picking an early stage investor, it is most important that you pick one who can guide you in the right directions. At the early and riskiest stages of your startup lifecycle, there are so many potential options before you - a few which can potentially lead you to success and a lot that can set you up for failure, amidst a lot more which are more difficult to judge. This is one area where we were helped most by Konglo.

Konglo Ventures is a group of young professionals from diverse backgrounds, and that makes their involvement very valuable for an early stage company. When Konglo invested with us in our seed round, we had a few experienced startup investors and mentors, a serial entrepreneur, an experienced finance professional, an experienced marketing professional, a senior IT entrepreneur, all investing with us in the round - all of whom had valuable inputs that really helped us with streamlining our thought process. Konglo has been actively involved in opening doors for us and encouraging us to grow, and we strongly recommend Konglo to startups looking to raise early stage funding."


Arjun Pillai, Founder, Profoundis

It was a great experience engaging with Konglo Ventures. Konglo gets involved with the startups and entrepreneurs as needed. This is helpful especially in the initial stages when you are trying to focus and keep moving forward. Having a strong investment thesis and some empathetic investors in the syndicate is really helpful for the entrepreneurs. I have found Konglo to be a right mix of 'data + gut driven' which is super important considering the early stage at which Konglo gets involved. When I was trying to raise the round, I had one face to face meeting by the end of which Konglo had pretty much made the decision. Then, further calls were made only to reinforce the decision. Similar to this, I have seen Konglo almost always makes quick decisions whether it is Yes or No. I think this is one other aspect which every investor/fund should try to emulate. Overall, I think Konglo is a responsible group of investors who know what they are doing and hold the entrepreneurs accountable to what they have set out to achieve.

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