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Thomas Mathew, Dubai

Konglo has been a valuable source for me to rely on while taking my investment decisions in startups.Teaming up with Konglo gives more clarity on startups through professional due diligence, pooling of knowledge and expertise in different domains. Look forward to work with Konglo on more deals in the future.


Robin Alex Panicker, Bangalore

If not for the Konglo network, I wouldn’t have invested in most of the deals that I did till now. Reason being Konglo provides an efficient platform for individual investors as they source deals, conduct DD and handle legal requirements, all done with utmost professionalism. Also the collective wisdom that the network provides helps us to take more informed decisions on startup investments. I value the relationship very high and wish to be part of the Konglo Syndicate on LV.


Vineet Kumar, Bangkok

I began my journey of investing in Startups with Konglo about 12 months back in early 2016 and it has been an extremely interesting journey with 2 investments concluded and 2 more in the pipeline in just a space of 12 months. The key strengths that I found are a) Constant networking and sourcing of new startups looking for funding b) Due diligence and handling all legal requirements centrally c) Konglo key stakeholders also invest their own money making the risk assessment genuine and building trust since there is constant follow up on the investments made and how the companies are progressing. And lastly and most important is the ability to be flexible with investments for smaller investors depending on the interest in the idea vs. a one size fits all ticket size.


Viren Bhushan, The Hague

Last year I was looking for some investment exposure to the start-up activity in Kerala/South India and came into contact with Konglo. For me, Konglo has 3 great attributes that make it unique - (i) connections and local networks across the region that are able to provide multiple quality leads (startups) in a short time-frame (ii) quality and professionalism of the Konglo team and their access to experts in different domains who are quickly brought in for due diligence/to opine on a potential investment (iii) ease and flexibility of investing both in terms of how simple it was for me to invest without any bottlenecks but also in terms of speed of decision making from the Konglo team. Truly recommended!

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