Active portfolio

20+ investments completed since 2013, in early stage companies in India, US and Europe

CareStack is an all-in-one, cloud-based dental practice management system []

Customer data analytics engine closing the gap between social media and Enterprise CRMs []

BuildNext is construction tech firm providing end-to-end construction services and building materials

Aisle is a modern dating platform with a focus on romance over flings []

Winterberg is a European PE fund focused on investing in industrial resource productivity and clean technologies []

Insent is a conversational marketing platform that instantly connects you to the buyers you worked so hard to attract []

Crosspay is a b2b global payments and remittances platform for personal and business transactions

Zoko is a cloud based solution for high growth brands to leverage the world's most popular chat applications

Seekho App helps people to learn skills via medium of short lessons

JUST Egg is a plant based egg

Hyreo is a b2b SaaS HR tech solution focused on candidate experience for large enterprises

Pupil First is a full stack EdTech platform creating a paradigm shift by focusing on relevant courses to enable students to be job ready

Certifyme is a global top 5 digital credentials management platform

Woolly is an urban farming approach leveraging hydroponics methodology with consumer financing

Admitkard is a global admissions platform for higher studies in foreign universities

Pikkol is a logistics and fulfilment ecosystem enabling D2C and legacy brands

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