About us

Konglo Ventures offers a trusted channel to co-invest in opportunities that are sourced and diligently screened by our team

Our Mission

The investment landscape is complex with several asset classes and deal opportunities available. Individual investors with a desire to invest in alternate asset classes do not have access to new business opportunities nor the bandwidth to conduct the necessary due diligence. We aim to bridge this gap by giving a court side seat to those who wish to participate along with us in our investment journey.


Quick facts

Konglo Ventures is an investment firm with its registered office in Cochin, India and Philadelphia, USA. Our focus is to invest in early stage startups with high growth and scale potential. Our team consists of global professionals with experience in various sectors who can provide guidance and market access.



Founded in 2013, and since grown to a curated network of 100+ investors based in 15+ countries



20+ investments in tech startups across India, USA, Middle East and South-East Asia



4 successful exits till date


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