Supporting 0-1, 1-10, 10-100

At Konglo, we specialise in guiding companies through pivotal phases. We understand that each stage of a company’s growth journey presents unique challenges and opportunities. Our support extends across the business lifecycle which we have categorized in to three distinct phases:  

Where we operate

Phase 0-1: From Concept to Functioning Business

The main imperatives at this stage are validating the business idea against market needs, successfully introducing the product and securing initial customers. Key challenges include identifying the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), defining a viable business model, and achieving Product-Market Fit (PMF), all crucial for laying a solid foundation for future growth.

Phase 1-10: Scaling and Expanding Market Reach

Growth stage companies need to balance generating increased demand with optimizing operations to fulfill them. Key challenges include refining operating model, staffing, maintaining quality and setting up organization wide processes while exploring new markets , expanding product lines and forging partnerships.


Phase 10-100: Consolidation and Market Leadership

In this phase, companies look to secure market leadership through continued innovation, diversification, international expansion and acquisitions. Key challenges include sustaining growth, managing increasingly complex operations, integrating new acquisitions and maintaining a steady pace of innovation. 

Our Tailored Offerings

Growth Strategy

We deliver in-depth market research and analysis to identify and understand trends, opportunities, market size estimates, competitive landscape, and customer preferences. Business model optimization ensures scalability and efficiency, and competitive benchmarking helps position your offerings effectively in the marketplaces


We conduct thorough market analysis to pinpoint optimal entry points / options and customer segments, develop compelling positioning and messaging, and identify the best sales and distribution channels. We help you decide the optimal mix of organic and inorganic entry paths and what it takes to succeed in both.

Financial Modeling

We create comprehensive revenue projections, detailed cost analyses, and cash flow forecasts to understand the financial strength of your business. We refine investment cases and provide valuation services to clearly articulate the potential returns and strategic value of business initiatives to help you present a compelling financial narrative to potential investors.

Strategic Planning

We help clients develop a comprehensive strategic road map, including goal setting, strategy formulation incl. identifying growth vectors and a tactical implementation plan to execute them, resource allocation and operating model planning, performance monitoring and evaluation cadence, communication and organizational alignment and an iterative review mechanism to track progress.

Fundraise Preparation

We work with founders to help tell their story backed by a solid foundation of data and facts to make a compelling investment case, drawing from over 10 years of angel investing experience and working with our portfolio companies. We lay the foundation for a successful fundraise by helping them identify the right type of investors and in setting up and managing a data room.

Business Development Support

We offer on the ground business development support to get the ball rolling with initial sales by identifying potential customers and channel partners in the US, India and the Middle-East. We act as your representative in these markets to start generating revenue while you gain more market insights and prepare for your own direct entry to the market.

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